Retailers ready themselves for WA plastic bag ban

Penny from Tokyo Station shows off their new reusable bag

The National Retail Association is urging retailers across Western Australia to ensure that they are ready ahead of the state-wide ban on lightweight plastic bags that comes into effect on 1 July 2018.

The ban will apply to retailers throughout Western Australia that currently supply lightweight plastic shopping bags to their customers.

NRA Manager of Industry Policy David Stout said that it is vital that all businesses are up to speed with their responsibilities to prepare for the ban.

“The National Retail Association has partnered with the State Government to help retailers and consumers transition away from lightweight plastic bags,” Mr Stout said.

“The new laws apply to all Western Australian retailers regardless of size or type – from supermarkets to fashion boutiques, from food outlets to petrol stations.

“Retailers will need to consider a range of alternatives and ensure their bags are compliant before January 2019 to avoid substantial fines.

“Plastic bag suppliers and manufacturers also need to be aware of their obligations under the new legislation as they could face substantial fines if they provide false or misleading information about banned bags from 1 July.

Mr Stout said that the NRA would be visiting over 100 locations across Western Australia to help retailers navigate the new laws, find alternative bag solutions, and minimise negative impacts on business.

“The NRA will be visiting retailers to provide advice on how the ban will affect them and what they can do to minimise impacts on their business and customers.

“We’ll also be providing information on useful resources, training kits and signage to assist retailers in preparing their teams and customers for the ban to complement the State Government’s education campaign.”